Who am I?

I’m glad you’ve asked!

Ok… I know you technically didn’t ask… but you’ve taken the time to visit my website, so maybe that’s because you’d like to know a little about me!

I consider myself primarily an audio engineer. But audio is just one of the things that I enjoy doing…. I consider myself as a general “get it done” guy. You need a mission accomplished, and it’s in the world of entertainment? I’ll take care of it for you! If I can’t do it myself I will put you in touch with who can and make sure it gets done.

I thought for a considerable amount of time about what to write in this “about me” section of my website. As I looked up other engineers websites, I noticed a trend – a lot of people write a few paragraphs in third person, saying that they’ve worked in every role imaginable, with every piece of gear imaginable, and they can handle anything and everything you throw at them because they have a million years of experience and they’re just overall awesome people.

While that may be true – I find it hard to put faith on these third-person-self-written-biographies, because, let’s face it – I can write anything I want here. (and I’m doing it now!)

So instead of wasting our time in convincing you I’m the worlds most amazing person through a few paragraphs of text – I’ll let my work and my references do the talking.

If you reached this website because somebody recommended me – there is (hopefully) a reason they recommended me – so ask them.

If you reached this website because you googled “audio engineer”…. wow! I didn’t know my Search Engine Optimization was that good. Use the “contact me” form to get in touch with me!

If you reached this website because I gave you a business card – feel free to reach out to any of my references (on my references page) and ask them about me. I can’t publicly display their e-mails here on my website because that would be unfair to their spam filters, but all of them can be easily found on Linked In or Facebook and you’re welcome to get in touch with them.

I hope to hear from you soon – and hope to earn your business and your trust!

Sincerely (really),

Saul Grinberg